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Farmers in the Cienfuegos province are kept informed about weather patterns and the impact on their plantations through agroclimatic newsletter, which facilitates the Provincial Meteorological Center.
In the municipality of Aguada station Passenger agrometeorological there is an observer, which permits to monitor the growing of crops such as sugarcane, banana and some fruit, told ACN Barcia Sinai Sardinas, specialist scientific group that science in the territory.
Voluntarily added that a group of producers in the area provided data on other crops such as rice, beans and tomatoes.
This information is a newsletter for Passenger Aguada and one for the entire province, which is evaluated in those days the temperature behavior, state of drought, soil moisture, moon phases and other related updates climate.
Also refer favorable or unfavorable conditions for thermal comfort of the cattle and intend to expand this aspect of the poultry and crops such as coffee and snuff.
They also publish the most prone to fires, tips on irrigation activities, news of interest and weather forecast for the next decade.
However, there is very little within range of this publication, whose main reason for being is the farmers and cooperatives, and those due to lack of resources often does not reach the valuable information, Barcia said Sardinas.
To counter this deficiency currently designing a space station Radio City of the Sea, through which they can access the data of the newsletter.
Jorge Perez Aparicio, weather observer station Passenger Aguada said sampled daily over a dozen fields of various crops on private farms and state.
From these analyzes evaluate the performance of plants, biological control, or effective use of herbicides and organic fertilizers.
The agro-meteorological service's primary mission is to study the influence of weather and climate on growth, development and productivity of agricultural crops, agriculture, forestry and livestock.

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