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ATLANTA, GA (WABE) - Gov. Perdue left Atlanta for Cuba Sunday, along with 43 government and business leaders from across the state.

Representing interests from dairy to poultry, and ports to medical equipment, Perdue hopes to woo that country's official purchasing agency.

Georgia ranks third of the 50-states in exporting to Cuba, and has seen export growth in the triple-digits this year, according to the Governor's office.

Speaking last week at the Capital, Perdue said Georgia would benefit heavily if there was a more open trade policy between the US and Cuba.

"If in the foreseeable future, trade is relaxed, I think Georgia's ports are well-positioned, both Brunswick and Savannah to take advantage of a healthy trade relationship with Cuba," Perdue said.

Perdue says Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport would also see a major boost. Asked whether he feels US embargoes against Cuba should be lifted altogether, Perdue stopped short, saying it is a federal issue, and not up to the states.

By Jim Burress, WABE News.

Los Angeles, California
Editor-in-Chief, CubaNews

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