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  • 06 / 06 / 2010

To: Caribbean film makers and producers, exhibitors and distribution companies, representatives from Caribbean zone, Latin America, the Unites States of America, Africa and Europe.
To the executives of Public and Private Television companies, the National Film Committees, and to the Caribbean Cultural Authorities and Promoters.

Dear Colleges and friends:

The Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase, since its very first edition in 2006-2007, has been confirmed to be the most significant action towards the promotion of the films made by authors from the region.

In its third edition, taking place this year 2010, the Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase Office has received 217 films from almost every country in the Caribbean zone, which are to be taken into consideration by the Showcase International Selection Committee.

This quantity of films proves the interest, valuation and appreciation this event has provoked in film makers, spectators, critics, and cultural authorities from over 31 Caribbean countries, as well as in Latin American scenes, where it has been presented, in Hollywood Cinematheque, the British Museum, or UNESCO's head office, in Paris.

Every edition of the Showcase has been accompanied by International Forums, which, organized by the Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase Office, have aroused the exchange of ideas and the coordination of initiatives in favor of a higher consumption of the Caribbean Film within the region and abroad.

The two previous forums "Strategies for collaboration and integration in the Caribbean Cinema and audiovisual" (2007), and "Audiovisual production and exhibition for children and adolescents in the Caribbean:

Realities and perspectives (2009) turned out to be excellent experiences because of their useful results.

 Caribbean specialists and from other countries of the world, contributed with their lectures and interventions to the significant quality of the debates and their results, as well as to reveal some effective initiatives to reach the final goal of these actions: That the Caribbean Film shall be watched by its audience.

That a Caribbean Film of high artistic quality, of notable communicative interest with its natural region audiences may become closer and visible in the television and movies screens, in the Caribbean region and in the rest of the world.

What has just been stated, gains importance in the current international panorama concerning the cinematographic exhibition, where the amount of the predominant productions cancels any possibility of cultural diversity idea.

In 2008, the countries within the European Union saw 70.8% of American films or co produced (16.7%) with big American enterprises; 28.3% European films and barely 1.6% from the rest of the world. Along with Asia, Africa and Latin America:

What minimum per cent could you imagine corresponds to the Caribbean countries?

Accordingly, the Third Forum of the Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase will be devoted to the "Caribbean Film Market & Other Exhibition Alternatives"

The forum shall take place in Havana City, July 1 st to July 3 rd , and it must be an encounter and dialogue opportunity, attended by exhibitors and distribution companies'representatives, film makers, producers, public and private TV executives, DVD commercialist companies, authorities of the cinematographic and audiovisual media, etc.

This official announcement to the forum of the Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase confers special interest to the presence of exhibitors and distribution companies' representatives of the region and from the rest of the world, and also to the participation of TV executives.

Therefore, a selection of films (feature films, shorts, documentaries, animation) of different author from the Caribbean region, residing or not in their native countries, will be daily presented subtitled in English, French and Spanish, as part of the forum program, allowing the participants to appreciate some exhibiting works of the most actual and recent Caribbean cinematographic productions (insular and Caribbean continental countries too).

Information, dialogue, appointment for encounters and reflection, opportunity to acknowledge, to concrete links that contribute to a higher and better circulation of the Caribbean film in the market and in other possible alternatives for its legitimate promotion.

Within the agenda of the forum, among other themes sensible to the market problems, the promotion and exhibition of the Caribbean Film: subtitling services, dubbing capacities, and technical and artistic valuations concerning the quality of the cinematographic works of the region, and also the thematic interest of the stories.

The Forum highly appreciates the participation of specialists, critics and investigators who attend it and contribute with lectures and research works that reveal realities and problematic issues concerning the cinematographic and audiovisual exhibition in the Spanish, English, French, and Dutch speaking Caribbean countries.

The economic limitations affronted by the Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase Office for the fulfillment of this potentially useful and important encounter forbid us to cover the expenses for plane tickets and special lodging prices in the hotel, with included breakfast.

The Showcase Office will be paying for lunch and ground transportation of the participants during the 3 days the forum will last.

Guided tours to ICAIC (Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry) installations and other tourist-cultural places that may be of interest have been planned.

You may contact us for your participation through our emails:

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Or also:

Phone number: (537) 836 17 38/ ( 537) 836 02 11 Fax: (537) 838 11 88

Rigoberto López

Traveling Caribbean Film Showcase


Havana City, April 27 th , 2010

Source: Cubarte

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