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Astronomy lovers can measure the maximum height of the sun on the horizon with refractor telescopes enabled at the Planetarium of the historic center of Havana next day 20, the eve of the June solstice.

The arrival of summer and the maximum duration of a day in northern hemisphere will become a tribute to the sun in that scientific and cultural Institution in Old Havana, opened last December as part of the celebrations for the International Year of Astronomy.

Telescopic observations of planets and other stars visible that day in the night sky and the explanation of the astronomic significance of the date are part of the proposals of the Institution.

The initiative is part of the celebrations for World Environment Day, which began with a massive participation of children of classroom-museum project in the historic center.

The academic program of the Planetarium includes a cycle of interactive conferences focused on topics like the need of the sensors in space exploration, environmental monitoring and renewable sources of energy, with scholars from the Faculty of Physics, University of Havana.

Other topics are: The big bang panel of the pyramids: the challenges of the scientific world, as well as a lecture on the solar alternative.

The planetarium, located in Plaza Vieja (Old Square) in Old Havana, has an astronomical computer graphics library, a theater space with 65 seats, interactive games and a qualified staff of astronomers and physicists, who operate the equipment. Also a projector capable of capturing 6,500 stars and surrounded by a huge sphere representing the sun.
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