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More than 30 researchers from Brazil, the United Status, Spain, Colombia, Cape Verde, Panama and France have confirmed their participation in the 11th International Conference of African and Afro-American Culture.

From next April 12 to 16, Santiago de Cuba will greet this encounter, dedicated to the influence of the black continent in the American countries.

Marta Cordiés, its coordinator, explained to AIN that following a multi-disciplinary perspective, they hope the revive reflection on the current African problems, its political-cultural relations with the people from America and the Caribbean and the African Diaspora in the World.

Researchers in social sciences, artists, doctors, priests and believers in popular religions with African roots that are interested, should hold a debate on the history of the continent, themes related with the genres, races and identity.

Current tendencies such as multi-culture, trans-culture and re-africanization shall also be discussed to study that cultural behaviour in its relationship with the new world.

The event shall include the workshops El color y la forma (Color and shape) dedicated to visual arts, images on movies and ethnological videos, El ritmo ancestral (The ancient rhythm) dedicated to the music and dance with an African origin and Masks dedicated to theatre.

It will also be the proper space for the symposium Medicine and Culture, which will exhibit the relationships between medical sciences and the disciplines of social sciences, from the practices of Cuban internationalist medicine, which established inter-cultural contacts.

Source: ACN and Cubarte

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