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The Las Salinas Brito, one of the largest natural reservoirs of Latin America, could disappear under the water in 20 years as a result of climate change and the increase of the sea level.

The site is located in the Zapata Swamp, the largest wet land of the Insular Caribbean located in the central province of Matanzas. It spans though an area of 360 square kilometres and shelters different floral and fauna species.

It is also a natural corridor for migrating birds that fly away from the cold of the north. Frank Medina, forest engineer with the Zapata Swamp National Park, told ACN that thorough studies have shown that Las Salinas will be underwater by 2030 as a result of the rise of sea level.

Medina explained that the effects of the climate change are already felt in the area. He mentioned higher temperatures and that migrating birds that usually reached the area on September are arriving earlier in the year now. This shows that temperatures in the north are not dropping in the winter as low as they used to and that hurricanes are increasingly stronger.

“This phenomenon is not irreversible,” the Cuban expert assured and added that it would need urgent actions and joined efforts to halt it.


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