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Cuban 36-week pregnant woman, Yaneisy Gonzalez, appreciated the rapid and high-quality assistance provided to pregnant women and those who have just given birth and show any flu symptoms in the face of the risk of getting the (H1N1) A virus.

Gonzalez, who lives in the small town of Cauto Cristo, in the eastern province of Granma, is hospitalized in the Carlos Manuel de Cespedes teaching hospital in the area.  
The patient told ACN that she went to the family doctor’s as soon as the first symptoms of influenza appeared. The doctor gave her the required information about the medical procedure to be followed and sent her to the town’s main health clinic, and she was later transferred to the Carlos Manuel de Cespedes hospital.
“They have treated me very nicely and have given me the necessary treatment to treat the influenza and to avoid further complications,” Gonzalez assured.
Gynaecology and Obstetrics expert Dr. Alejandro Virelles said all patients in the hospital are progressing, while the incidence of influenza has dropped.
Pregnant women with any symptoms of influenza are admitted to the hospital for a five-day antiviral treatment.

Afterwards, they are sent home with a follow-up treatment supervised by the family doctor. Only those who have any obstetric conditions remain hospitalized.
Source: ACN

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