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Retinosis pigmentaria has been so far identified in 225 residents from the central Cuban province of Sancti Spiritus
This information was accomplished by this province’s Retinosis Provincial Center, founded in 1997, which works closely coordinated with the primary care health facilities for the identification and treatment of the patients.

According to this institution's director, the diagnosis and rehabilitation procedures are conducted by a group of different health professionals including medical geneticists, otolaryngologists, pediatricians, internists and psychologists. These experts are assisted by some other 27 workers from this facility.

Retinosis pigmentaria is an hereditary and degenerative illness of the eye which causes severe visual impairment frequently leading to complete blindness. Although born with the disease, it’s very uncommon that patients have any signs of it before adolescence age. Unfortunately, patients are not aware of the illness until it had reached an advanced stage.  

Night blindness and insufficient adaptation to darkness or poorly illuminated places are some of the most frequent symptoms. Patients also complain of loss of the peripheral vision.

Retinosis pigmentaria patients experience improvement in their life quality when the illness is identified in due time, that's why early detection of any symptom is so important.

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