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In Cuba Stock breeders from Camaguey are considered the most productive of the country
Such a performance saved Cuban economy more than 540 thousand dollars considering the current powdered-milk prices in the world market.

Jimaguayú and Guáimaro municipalities, also in Camagüey province, hold the second and third positions.

State farms and cooperative farmers are both responsible for such an outstanding labor.

Ángel Peláez, manager of “Triángulo Tres” Cattle Raising Enterprise, informed that the goal during 2009 is to surpass the amount of 15 million milk liters, what would mean an increase of more than one million liters as compared with last year.

The official appointed that milking is likely to rise considerably taking into account last year’s excellent reproduction work, which allowed the birth of three thousand and two hundred new calves.

Héctor Martínez, one of Cuba’s most successful milk producers, who collected 183 thousand milk liters in 2008, confirmed that it is possible to achieve such an aim.

“We have already sold 68 thousand milk liters to the State so far, fifteen thousand more that in the same time last year”, affirmed the cooperative farmer.

Camagüey province’s purpose is to sell 90 million milk liters this year, 10 million more than 2008 production.


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