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Cuban Cinema Will Premiere a Feature Film per Month all Throughout this Year
The premiere of fiction feature films Ciudad en Rojo (City in Red), by filmmaker Rebeca Chávez, and La anunciación (The Annunciation), by 2006 National Cinema Award recipient Enrique Pineda Barnet, are some of the most significant moments of the celebratory days of this institution.

Other films to be premiered by ICAIC during the rest of the year are El ojo del Canario (The Canary’s Eye), by Fernando Pérez; El premio flaco, by Juan Carlos Cremata; Larga distancia (Long Distance), by Esteban Insausti; and La piscina (he Swimming Pool) by young filmmaker Carlos Machado.

“Many of these films will become an aesthetic and thematic event, based on the remarkable differences among them,” ascertained González.

Lecture cycles, tributes to significant Cuban cinema personalities, movie premieres, the prize-giving ceremony for the 2009 National Cinema Award, stamp cancellations and art exhibits are some of the actions outlined for the fiftieth anniversary of the institution.

At a press conference, Omar González, President of ICAIC, announced that although most major activities are concentrated for March, this celebration will continue throughout the year, not only in all the provinces of the Island, but also in different countries and international festivals, where there will be a retrospective with the best and most representative Cuban cinema of the last 50 years.

The crowning point of these celebrations will take place on the night of 24 March, when the 2009 National Cinema Award will be bestowed and the film Ciudad en Rojo (City in Red), by Cuban filmmaker Rebeca Chávez, will be screened.

González underscored that despite the economic difficulties that the Island is currently going through, particularly after the passage of last year’s devastating hurricanes, the institution has maintained the principle of doing its best to continue increasing its audiovisual production.

Pablo Pacheco, Vice-President of ICAIC, reported that more than 300 Cuban films have been shown in Havana’s Chaplin movie theater since last December as part of the History of Our Cinema in Images cycle, designed to portray a representative tour of pre-Revolution Cuban cinema and ICAIC’s movie production up to the present.

He also informed that tributes will be paid to some of the most remarkable creators in the history of Cuban cinema, beginning with musician Leo Brouwer, founder of ICAIC Sound Experimentation Group, and the most famous of Cuban documentary makers, the late Santiago Álvarez.

Also on the sidelines of these celebrations, there will be a ten-lecture cycle entitled Cinema and Revolution, with the participation of filmmakers, theoreticians and researchers of the audiovisual world, on the topic of Cuban cinema, beyond its artistic essence and its interconnection with the revolutionary process.

Also as a way to honor this important anniversary, it was announced that in the course of the year, 34 cinemas along the Island will be refurbished. Investments will begin to take place to furnish ICAIC with professional, high-definition equipment for post-production, while the accelerated process of restoration and air-conditioning continues in the vaults of the institution’s Film Archives, designed to preserve the cinema heritage of ICAIC.


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