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Metallic Company Produces over 16 200 Roofs for Housings in Las TunasCuba
Bernardo Perez Rivera, director for the production in that metallurgical plant, commercially well-known like METUNAS, told Tiempo21 that each roof contains tiles of galvanized zinc, of proven durability, the corresponding easels, the support beams, and the screws for the fixation.

The executive explained that in 2008 those 670 metalworkers also concluded the structures of five naves dedicated to the location of generators and the tanks for their fuel oil, as well numerous elements for warehouses and the extension of several airports in the country.

In spite of the serious damages caused last September by the hurricane Ike to the facilities of METUNAS, the company recovered, fulfilled its plan of sales, superior to the 26 million pesos, had an income of more than 920, 000 pesos, diminished the production cost and, helped in the recovery of diverse sectors, affected by the three powerful hurricanes that battered Cuba this year.


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