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 Textile Company Tests in Las Tunas Combined Productions between China and Cuba
The finish of shorts, shirts, and blouses, report economic advantages to the Light Industry and at the time it will help to diversify the supply to the Cuban stores that sell in hard currencies.

Tania Reigada, executive of the entity, commercially well-known as Melissa, told Tiempo21 that due to the damages caused last September by the hurricane Ike in the seven branches of the company, the production of this modules are being carried out in the central workshop, located in Las Tunas city, 690 kilometers to the east of Havana.

The executive explained that her labor community makes big efforts to recover from the damages, in order to fulfill the making of uniforms for the armed institutions and the sugar workers, as well as to reach the general plan in the present year, upward to nine millions 800 thousand Cuban pesos.

In Las Tunas more than 80 percent of those one thousand employees in the textile makings are women whose laboriousness has been compared with that of the bees, reason to be named Melissa.

China is the biggest exporter of textile items in the world. It is also the country that achieves lower production costs, reason why it can compete successfully as for favorable prices.


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