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The presence of Benicio del Toro to be confirmed in the 30th International Havana Festival
The movie produced in two parts, El argentino (The Argentinean) and Guerrilla (Guerrilla) –between the two they last more than four hours- has Del Toro (San Germán, Puerto Rico, February 19, 1967) as the main star, a role that lead him in the first one to the Best Actor award in this year famous Cannes festival.

Del Toro, who got an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his work in the movie Traffic in 2001, will be accompanied by the actors Rodrigo Santoro (Brazil) who plays Raúl Castro and by Santiago Cabrera (Chile) who plays Camilo Cienfuegos.

Soderbergh will not be travelling to Havana, declared the organizers.

Del Toro, as well as his colleagues will come from Miami, where Che was premiered, a screening that has been threatened by extreme elements, according to press reports.


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