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New Health Professionals Needed Worldwide
They are attending the international conference "Medical Training for the 21th Century," in session December 1-3 at the National Hotel, to discuss the characteristics of the current physician.

At a panel on "Reforms of Medical Training at the Grass Roots", participants agreed that medical universities nowadays face the challenge to train professionals to serve their societies and solve health problems in the poorest, remotest territories.

These demands are not met by traditional training, said the experts moderated by Deputy Chairman of International Programs of the Education for Global Health Consortium, Doctor Andre-Jacques Neusy.

They said medical schools must be more open and change paradigms to train their staff with a social approach to solve serious health problems.

This new physician should stand out for their values, their commitment to and indentification with their communities, as well as for their communicative abilities, leadership and general knowledge to solve most illnesses people may suffer.

The conference is attended by more than 600 specialists from countries including the United States, the Philippines, Venezuela, Mexico, El Salvador and the host Cuba, among others.


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