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Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez called for US Senator Barack Obama to End US Embargo on Cuba
``A black man may become president of the U.S., and we can say that's no small thing,'' Chavez said in a speech on state television. ``Hopefully, the next government of the U.S. will listen to the mandate, not just of morals, ethics and the times, but also the mandate of the UN that days ago voted, once more, asking the U.S. to eliminate its savage blockade of Cuba.''

The U.S. declared a trade embargo on Cuba almost 50 years ago and has maintained it in the face of criticism from around the world. In a United Nations vote Oct. 29, 185 nations pressed the U.S. to drop the embargo, with only the U.S., Israel and Palau voting against the resolution.

Venezuela is one of Cuba's closest allies. Chavez referred to Cuba's government during the broadcast as having a common government with Venezuela, and he offered his customary greeting to Fidel Castro, the former Cuban president, by saying ``How are you, Fidel?'' in English.

Chavez also called on the U.S. to end ``threats'' against Venezuela and Iran, without elaborating.


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