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Minister of Education Highlights Recovery Works in Schools of the province of Las Tunas Cuba
During a journey by the northern municipalities of Jesus Menendez and Puerto Padre, the Minister verified the work carried out by professors, students and neighbors of the communities to reestablish the teaching centers before concluding October.

A wire from Cuban News Agency in Las Tunas, points out that there are still 10 boarding schools that have not been able to restart the school year, reason why more than 2, 350 students of the rural areas have not return to their classrooms.

Ena Elsa emphasized that the efforts should be carried out by all the professors, the students and the families so that the teaching-learning process doesn't lose quality.

In statement to the Informative Services of Radio Victoria, the Minister specified that the next days will be decisive to advance more, because the goverment has offered tiles for the roofs of the schools, mainly in Holguin, Las Tunas and Camaguey, which should also receive corrugated iron roof, produced in Las Tunas, starting from funds donated by the UNESCO.

Ena Elsa Gonzalez highlighted the priority that the Communist Party and the Government have given to the education in the territory, 690 kilometers to the east of Havana, one of the most battered by the natural disaster.

The damages caused in the province by the hurricane Ike were so severe that students of 415 primary schools, still receive their classes at family homes.


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