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The Five Cuban anti terrorists are decorated with the Honoris Causa title in Venezuela
The decoration, without any precedent in this city in the case of foreign personalities, was an initiative of the direction board of the Universidad Nacional Experimental Francisco de Miranda (UNE), of Santa Ana de Coro.

Fernando González, René González, Antonio Guerrero, Gerardo Hernández and Ramón Labañino received the award in recognition to a special pedagogical and exemplary conduct, as well as the showed ethical and moral values, indicates the text.

The internationally know as the Five Heroes are serving long sentences imposed by US authorities in 1998, when they were simply defending their people of terrorists attacks from the US territory, remembered the rector Yancarlos Yépez.

The main authority of the UNE, highlighted the honourable anti imperialist and revolutionary work of the Cuban fighters, condemned to three life sentences and over 70 years in prison.

The delivery of the order to the Five is a great honour for us. With this, our most important award, we are trying to honour the patriots who are a paradigm of sacrifice and resistance in front of the imperialism, indicated Yepez.

In a dialogue with Prensa Latina, the university rector added that his institution wanted to modestly praise the colossal display of stoicism and ideological strength sowed by the Cubans who were jailed by Washington over a decade ago.

He also indicated that this tribute, the highest given by the UNE, will reinforce the solid and historic friendship and fraternity links, consolidated between the Cuban and Venezuelan people.

In the official ceremony, among other national and foreign personalities, took part the president of the Cuban National Assembly, Ricardo Alarcón and the Cuban diplomatic representative in the region of Zulia y Falcón, Carlos Céspedes.

Attended the ceremony to receive the medals (in ausentis) Aylí Labañino, daughter of one of the anti terrorists and Irma Sehwerert, mother of René González, as well as other Cubans who have been victims of the attacks organized against Cuba in the USA:

The act was part of the closing event of the VII Social Summit for the Latin American and Caribbean Union, a meeting inserted I the program of the Bolivarian Alternative for the People of our America .


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