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The first group of Paralympic medalists returned to Cuba
The athletes were received at Havana’s international airport by a welcoming committee led by Olympic gold medalist Aberto Juantorena and Osvaldo Vento, vice presidents of the Cuban Sports, Physical Education and Recreation Institute (INDER).

The delegation included the judo athletes and their trainers led by gold medalist Isao Cruz and bronze medalists Victor Sanchez and Juan C. Cortada.

Daniel Baz Perez, an official at the Communist Party Central Committee, told the athletes that the country was proud of their performances, which also brought encouragement at a time of so much serious damage caused by the recent hurricanes.

Cuba has won five gold medals, two silver and 4 bronze so far, improving the results obtained in Athens 2004 and Sydney 2000, when the island won 2-2-7 and 4-2-2, respectively.


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