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Cuban Institute of Radio and Television it rewards to professionals of Pinar del Rio Cuba
Aurora Martínez Rodríguez, Julio César Puentes Mujica and Cándido Cordall Gutiérrez, Pinar del Río artists of the radio, were recognized with that award.

How did you started in the radio?

Martínez Rodríguez graduated as theater instructor and although at that time she was teaching, always dedicated some time to the radio. In 1970 she finally decided to be part of the station as professional actress, but without forsaking the theatre.

“In the radio I have found a marvellous world of sounds, words, that was not too different from theater, here everything is achieved through the voice and the imagination”, she said.

Aurora Martínez have performed leading roles that have marked the radio in the province, such is the case of Santa Camila de La Havana Vieja and Yerma. Some other characters in habitual radio shows have left her voice and talent in the memory of many generations.

She is active member of the ICRT, writer, actress, presenter and radio shows director in or province. Belongs to the Council of Scenic Arts and to the Publishing Council of the Book Institute, currently she also chairs the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba ( UNEAC). Aurora has been awarded several prizes of the Cuban radio, of poetry and art.

Puentes Mujica started in 1969, at that time he was writing for El Socialista newspaper.

“Pedro Viñas Alfonso, today director of P’alante newspaper, was the scriptwriter for the Western Radio Station, but he went to Havana, then Pedro Callejas Rivera, then manager of the station told me they had no scriptwriter, half joking I told him I could help and ever since I write for the radio”

To Julio César Puentes to make a radio show is not a single person’s work, but the result of the collective talent.

He is member of the UNEAC, has been awarded the medals of literacy, 40 anniversary of the FAR and Raúl Gómez García. Together with other authors he wrote the book that gathers the 75 years of the radio in Pinar del Río.

Cordall Gutiérrez has travelled through a profitable way in almost all the genres. “ I started writing some scripts for Alegrías de sobremesa show. Then in Radio Guamá I wrote a dramatized humoristic section and for nearly two years scripts for the two stations.

All the three of the awarded figures have devoted their life to enrich our culture. Their talent and discipline before work made them deserve the recognition of the society that follows them as artists.

“To receive the award was a big surprise for me because you always think that do not deserve certain prizes, but when it happens it gives you strength to improve, is very important since it is a recognition for the many years of work”, noted Aurora.

“I am very proud since to me it was the result of more than 40 years of labor, is the recognition to the work of a lifetime”, pointed out Cándido.

“It means 40 years of work. It is not something specific but the result of many years with success and mistakes. I work to enjoy what I do and if added to that comes a prize, welcome then, but the main award is to know so many wonderful people. I am of those who firmly believe in the magic of the radio”, concluded Julio César.


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