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A Che Guevara sculpture by Chinese artist
This is part of the activities for the 80th anniversary of Che´s birth, sponsored by the Cuban embassy in China and several entities of the Asian nation.

Chinese intellectuals, Latin American and other countries´ambassadors and former Chinese ambassadors to Cuba attended theceremony held at the Jintai Museum park in Beijing where there are also sculptures of other historical figures.

Yuan Xikun, born in 1944, has been internationally awarded several times and since 2002 has focused his artistic work towards Latin America with sculptures about Jose Marti, Simon Bolivar, Fidel Castro Tupac Amaru and others.

In the ceremony the Cuban ambassador Carlos Miguel Pereira was honored at the unveiling this bust since it is a permanent homage to one of the biggest promoters of deep Cuban-Chinese friendship.

Ernesto Che Guevara visited Beijing in 1960, where he met the then President Mao, Prime Minister Zhou Enlai and other Chinese leaders, emphasized the diplomat.

The artist Yuan Xikun said that he has always thought of dedicating a sculpture to the Latin American revolutionary for what he represented and for the profound ethics of his ideas.


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