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Raul Castro and Tabare Vazquez
The National Organization of Associations of Retirees and Pensioners of Uruguay (ONAJPU) expresses the gratitude of its members to the Cuban Government and people for their technical support and solidarity in the setting up of the so-called ‘Eyes Hospital’ in Uruguay and an ongoing plan of cataract surgeries there.

A wire from the Cuban News Agency, that quotes to Granma newspaper, higlights that the health facility offers its services, free of charge, as part of the Operation Miracle free eye-surgery program and an agreement between the Public Health ministries of Cuba and Uruguay.

“We believe these actions further strengthen the fraternal relationship between our two nations,” reads the text signed by Angel Muñoz and Sixto Amaro, ONAJPU President and General Secretary, respectively.

During the conversation Raúl Castro and Tabaré Vázquez reviewed the development of the bilateral relationships, which they qualified as excellent. They also highlighted the necessity to look for formulas to increase the trade and to boost the cooperation and the exchange of experiences between both countries.


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