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homage gala Che Guevara
In a homage gala for the 80th anniversary of the Heroic Guerilla fighter's birthday, presided over by President Raúl Castro Ruz and held at the Karl Marx Theater in Havana, Lage underlined the historical coincidence with birthday of Antonio Maceo who, by refusing to surrender to Spain in a historical event known as the Protest of Baraguá, marked the future of those Cubans who, just like him, will never give up.

The tribute counted with the high-level artistic performance of "El cantar del caballero y su destino," a work by Maestro José María Vitier inspired by the life and thought of Che and his Latin American, African and universal impact, written for a symphony orchestra and dedicated to the man who consecrated his life to the fight by the justice and human improvement.

Among other artists, Vitier brilliantly directed the National Symphony Orchestra, the National and Exaudi Choruses, and soprano Bárbara Yánez in the interpretation of his work. This performance moved the audience and will also last for its artistic contribution and the organization of the deserved homage to Che.


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