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UNESCO Nominated ICAIC Newsreport
This space founded and directed by the Cuban film maker Santiago Álvarez (1919-1998) for three decades, puts together important events in Cuba and the world, such as the U.S. invasion to our country in 1961 and the Viet Nam war, which touched humanity.

Precisely, these news reports were the origin of many documentaries by the master of that genre, such as Muerte al invasor (Death to the invader) (made together with Tomas Gutiérrez Alea) and Hanoi, this one on the first bombing to the Vietnamese city, which became a worldwide denounce.

Because of their journalistic mark and the sharpness of its movie language, the ICAIC News reports were always favorites among the Cuban public, who was able to enjoy them weekly between 1960 and 1990, in more than 400 broadcasts.

In the history of journalism and audio-visual, not just Cuban, but regional, Santiago Álvarez sat standards, when he reflected the realities of the people all over the world in his time, emphasizing those of Latin American, Asia and Africa.

Within the strategy of digitalization and conservation of the movie heritage of the ICAIC, there will be a collection of its own dedicated to these news reports, informed Luis Alberto González Nieto, vice-president of that institution.

This Program Memoria del Mundo is an international initiative promoted and coordinated by UNESCO since 1992 aiming for the preservation and the access to the documentary historical heritage most important for humanity.

Its registers include the nominations in the biennale meetings already made, and to the moment Cuba is part of it with the José Martí Pérez Fund, selected in 2005.


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