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Archeology in Cuba
Cuban and American Archeologists will Explore Aboriginal Site

Cuban and American archeologists will resume a project of joint research that began last year in Chorro de Maita, an aboriginal site in the municipality of Banes, in eastern Holguin province.

Specialists from the University of Alabama, the Cuban Central-Eastern Department of Archeology and the Museum of Chorro de Maita will begin their work on June 14th in an aboriginal cemetery found in the 1980s in the hill of Yaguajay and which is considered as one of the biggest and best preserved in the Caribbean region with more than 100 skeletons.

The research program aims at finding material evidence in order to learn more about details such as the eating habits of this aboriginal community.

Also as part of the program, the specialists from the US University of Alabama will train their Cuban counterparts in new methods to study vegetable remains in archeological contexts.

The excavations will be led Cuban archeologist Roberto Valcarcel Rojas, who has been ahead of the works carried out in recent years in Maita, and by Dr. Vernon James Knight, of the University of Alabama.


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