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 4th International Conference on Rice in Havana, Cuba with 200 experts from 15 countries.
Alliances to support phytofortification are PART of the program to fight malnutrition and improve food security.

Program expert Violeta Puldon says the project, financed by Canada ó s International Development Agency (CIDA) is operated by world bodies and experts from 14 countries, including Cuba, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

Also on the agenda are biofortified crops like rice, maize, beans and manioc in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua and Dominican Republic.

Biofortification is a phytofortification technique that handles natural genetic diversity in nutrients found in crops to improve their nourishment potential and allows crossing to achieve other features.

Other effort include nutritional and food diagnostics at five Departments in Colombia, Nicaragua, assembling a project lab to determine the quality and quantity of biofortified food.

The program involves training to asses consumer acceptability of crops and produce developed through the technique with experts from Brazil, Cuba, Colombia and Nicaragua.

Organizing Committee President Jorge Luis Hernandez says the event will boost productive scientific exchange on rice bio-fortification and other matters and the emerging knowledge and experience will be useful for all guest countries.


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