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Confederation of Cuban Workers Sent a Congratulations to tobacco growers of the country
The recognition of the CTC was special to the outstanding members and enterprises of the field and the Redrying Plant of Havana "Juan Bruno Zayas", the best in the country last year.

Salvador Valdés Mesa, secretary general of the CTC, pointed out that the results of the tobacco growers is the best homage to the historic leader of the union movement Lázaro Peña, in the 97 anniversary of his birth this May 29.

The leader noted the confidence the Revolution has in the tobacco workers to continue waging this great battle in defense of the Revolution, increasing production, efficiency and energy saving in every front.

In behalf of the National Board of the CTC, Salvador Valdés Mesa wished success to all the men and women of the sector in the productive commitments, as well as in both personal and family life.


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