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Panama will be present at the Caribbean Festival in Santiago de Cuba
Theater directors Cristobal Muñoz and Maria Cecilia Triana told Prensa Latina their works come from working with common people, and talk about the problems in their country.

They will present a work called "Historia de un Piedrero", which is about the life of people consumed by drugs.

It is the story of a man who suffers drug addiction and is trying to get himself up and change his life, Muñoz said.

Triana, directress of the D Triana Ballet Academy, aimed that it is a kind of therapy art that looks for modifying the behaviour of people who have lowered their human condition or live in crime and gangs. The other two works prepared by both, are "Pandilla" and "Detras del Muro" whose actors are delinquents looking for the reorganization of their life, the first one, and prisoners from the prisons of the country, the second. Muñoz said that both pieces will be disclosed during the Caribbean Festival of the Caribbean in a compact disc format.


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