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In Cuba: The annual training drill Meteoro 2008 will take place this weekend
The exercise is aimed at increasing the organization, prevention, readiness, response and recovery in these situations, especially hurricanes and possible sanitary and technological disasters related to them.

Officials of the provincial and municipal Civil Defense Councils, state entities, enterprises, centres of the FAR and the MININT, as well as representatives of the population will participate in the drill, which is to be activated early in the morning.

The first day is dedicated to prepare the command systems at the different levels; and the impact reduction of disasters in the community will be tested.

Likewise, practical actions with command and communication systems will be performed under real life situations.

The second day, the work is aimed at the different population categories to increase the readiness before disasters that may affect Pinar del Río and to reduce risks and vulnerability before destructive factors.

Also on Sunday, the dangers for the community and the prevention and protection measures required for the population will be determined.

The training drill Meteoro 2008 is vital for the Cuban population due to the effectiveness and significance of the implementation of disaster reduction measures before the beginning of the hurricane season, in order to prepare the material support and the appropriate means in the timely moment and the necessary place.


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