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Students Are Main Public in Community Video Rooms of Las Tunas, Cuba
Such an interest towards the video rooms in so early ages, when the personality is in full formation, is mainly due to the linking achieved by these centers with the schools in the communities.

The Provincial Direction of Education and the maximum authorities of the program have signed work agreements with the purpose of executing actions that strengthen the teaching-learning process.

The Video Clubs offer audiovisual media in support to the syllabus in different teaching levels for the achievement of a dynamic learning on the part of the students, who also visit those rooms to participate in recreational cultural activities, related with the appreciation of the universal and national culture, among others.

Yudith Carballo Carralero, director of the program in the territory, asserts that this direct contact offers the child the option of a learned recreational activity, free from drugs, alcohol, and from marginal attitudes.

The promotion of the artistic sensibility on the part of the Video Clubs in Las Tunas, honors the item 31, belonging to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which in its parenthesis number two demands respect and promotes the rights of the child to participate fully in the cultural and artistic life witout any discrimination.

The community Video Clubs, created in Las Tunas in November 2000, have as cardinal foundation to favor the communicative interaction in the current generations, and to widen their aesthetic culture for the joy and the preservation of the universal culture.


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