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The legendary ballerina Alicia Alonso still maintains her graceful way of talking and the elegant movement of her hands and head
The legendary ballerina is currently on an international tour with the ballet 'La Magia de la Danza. The tour has taken her from Egypt to Valencia and from then, to Castilla and León. On April 23rd, the Cuban ballet company performed in Zamora, later in León on the 27th and on the 29th, in Valencia.

Alicia Alonso is proud of the Cuban ballet school. "It is difficult to find a Cuban family that does not have at least one member studying in our school. Ballet is an essential part of our society. We have taught our people to understand and love ballet. Every time our company performs in Cuba it sells out night after night," she explained.

After six decades of intense work the results are pretty obvious. "There is a high international demand for Cuban ballet professors. You can find Cuban ballet dancers in many parts of the world," she stressed.

Regarding the artistic influence, "we have contributed the Cuban school to world dance. Perhaps, what characterizes our style is that dance between a man and a woman is like a conversation, they communicate each other. We have an aerial sense of movement. While we keep time with our feet, we interpret tune with the hands and head. But you can not talk about ballet, you have to see it."

'La Magia de la Danza is a compilation of the Cuban companys classics that include, among others, Giselle, Coppelia and Quixote.

(El Norte de Castilla)

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