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More of 107 000 people receive the Social Security increase in Camagüey
From May 2nd on, the delivery of the new document is going to start in 24 locals which have been approved in this city, where the figure of pensioners is the major of the province (more than 49 000) from them, 46 996 will receive an increase for having pensions under 400 pesos.

In 2005, the economical situation permitted to increase the social security pensions and the social attention reached above 5 million people, what represented almost 50% of the Cuban population.

Nowadays, the state expends again thousand of pesos for acknowledging in a fair way those men and women who have contributed during five decades with social transformations which enjoy the people today.

Cuba, a nation that undergoes a very strict blockade, is able to guarantee the social security of its pensioners, something that does not occur with more than the half of the world population.


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