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More than 93,150 Tourist Visits Break, Records in Eastern Cuba
A staggering 12 percent rise in the number of tourists arriving in this eastern city was achieved during the recently concluded winter season, compared to the same period in 2007, breaking historical records.

Carlos Zambrano, Turism delegate to the eastern region, said that in the period between November 2007 and March 2008, more than 93,150 visitors, mostly from Canada and England, landed in this part of the country, attracted not only by its beaches but also by the history and culture of the province.

The 2005 local record of visitors and tourist-per-day rates in the province were broken by the end of March, where a total of 4,830 rooms are currently available, noted Zambrano.

During the winter season, an average of fifty flights a week landed at Holguin's Frank Pais International Airport, said the expert.

He also pointed to an increase in the selling of extra-hotel attractions by 25 percent. Among the best sold options were Crucero del Sol (Sun Cruise), visits to the Bahia de Naranjo aquarium and city tours of Holguin.

The tourism industry besides being a major source of hard currency to the country, is also an important source of jobs, with some 8,000 people currently employed in the sector in the eastern province.


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