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The X International Festival of Oral Narration ContArte returns this May to several spaces of the Cuban capital
With the participation of Cuban narrators from several provinces and foreign guests, ContArte, is scheduled for May 4-10. It will fill spaces in the Spanish American Center of Culture, the Library Rubén Martínez Villena, in the Old Plaza, the Center of Theater of Havana, the House of Asia, the Arabic Museum, the House of Africa, all in the historical center of Old Havana. There will also be some presentations in the municipality of 10 de Octubre in the capital, also in San José de las Lajas, in Havana province, where there is a strong movement of oral narrators.

The contest of the festival will take place from May 5 to May 9, in the afternoons, at the Villena Library. It will be recognized the best story and the best show in the categories infantile and adult. It will be equally delivered the awards of artistic lifework as well as those for the promotion of oral narration to personalities and institutions showing several years of relevant work in this art of millennial history.

This Party of the Word was first celebrated in May 1999 under the direction of Elvia Perez who still organizes it and leads its company ContArte. They deliver workshops and have the group Young ContArte with narrators ranging between 15 and 19 years old and who have a wide repertoire.
A variety of scenic proposals will characterize these days with the oral narration, an art that promotes one of the most authentic expressions of the traditional popular culture.


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