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Seventh Edition of Mayo Teatral 2008 in Casa de las Américas, Cuba
This is a unique space of encounters, confrontation and dialogue that brings together a representative sample of the varied stage work in the region.

As it is normal already, this stage party takes place in several theaters from the capital: Adolfo Llauradó, Hubert de Blanck, García Lorca, Mella and the National Fine Arts Museum. But it is also extended to several stages in Matanzas, Villa Clara, Cienfuegos, Pinar del Río and Granma. These last two are participating in Mayo Teatral for the first time.

At the same time as the performances there will also be workshops, work demonstrations and encounters with people from the theater world.

Paradigms from theater groups such as La Candelaria, from Colombia and Malayerba from Ecuador share the stage with the important choreographer from Ecuador Wilson Pico and the famous actors Ofelia Medina, from Mexico and Teófilo Torres from Puerto Rico. To them are added the Udi Grudi Theater Circus, one of the most important representations of the New Circus from Brazil and the Mexican group La Máquina de Teatro.

Together with a sample of current Cuban theater made up by the Critic Awards, among which are included the groups: Teatro de la Luna, Cuban Contemporary Dance, El Ciervo Encantado, Teatro de las Estaciones and Teatro El Público, together with the important actor Osvaldo Doimeadiós.

These proposals that give faith of the cultural diversity of the Latin American stage, as well as the plurality of its manifestations, turn theater into a life space of recognition, as well as diversion of an heterogeneous identity that contains us and identifies us within the infinite movement in which culture is expressed. Experimental proposals, dance, different ways of dealing with theaters of figures and emblematic groups of Latin American stage make up the sample which will be presented.

It is the right place to think and place in metaphors and images themes such as historical memory. Then come back historical characters so distant as the poet king Nezahualcoyotl, Lezama Lima and Benny Moré, the foundations of a contemporary national being that carries or exhibits the modern weight of the plastic. These are the times of waste and recycling, to dance rumba, son, rock and roll or samba, and to build a new life and a new work.

It is the last hope of a utopia to lessen the loneliness of a woman who fights from words, while a young woman reads them and believes in love, which is defended by another one by instinct and it is denied to her in everyday life, until it ends up cancelled in the loneliness of a plate.

Important worries such as justice, violence, decency, marginality, are dealt with through thr re-writing of literary classics which coexist with characters with an everyday accent, where tradition is ramified in new languages from which to represent the tensions suffered by the human beings, as the central point of the pieces.

The lovers of the stages are invited to share this party signed by the imagination of our region, in order to find themselves in their imaginations and to become surprised to see that they are part of that peculiar form, that is so similar to a mask filled with joy, that integrates them in a space of intelligent entertainment and a worried conversation with life.

(La Ventana)

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