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Bees Help Farmers Increase Vegetable Production of Ciego de Ávila, Cuba.
The initiative was first introduced by farmer Luis Lima Candelaria, who heads a cooperative in the locality of Chambas. He and a group of his associates, who practice bee keeping, carried out the project.

The beekeepers scattered some of their 200 beehives around their
vegetable gardens and they saw a noticeable growth of flowers and fruits in plantations of pumpkin, cucumbers and other vegetables.

The local production growth boosted the total vegetable output in the
province during the first two months of this year.

As bees suck flower stems, they help the flowering of plants by stepping up pollination. The action of the bees help a larger production of vegetable and the increase of the honey yield at the same time.

"This pumpkin plantation was poorly productive and after bees were
introduced it began to yield nice products, I mean pumpkins of up to 15 pounds of weight," said Candelaria Lima, who is also ready to collect
ecological honey from his beehives.

The pollination technique has reportedly been used for years in the US
state of California, where it benefits plantations of orange and other
citrus fruits.


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