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Holguin, Cuba: Outstanding Labour of Social Workers in the Battle of Ideas.
The youths are working into two types of brigade. The general brigades who are serving people that suffer from chronic diseases, disassociated and disabled people, and the of the Energy Revolution brigades which are currently working on the replacement of electrical equipment such as energy saving bulbs, refrigerators, fans, cooking modules, televisions, water pumps and air conditioners.

"We are really concerned about the progress of human beings. We have been associated with patients of the Miracle Mission, in homes of children without parental protection, in the training of Latin American doctors and nearly 400 of us have attended missions abroad related to program of the Energy Revolution," said one of them.

"We are also working in the Camp Confidence program being carried out in prisons to support the social reintegration of prisoners, which is inserted into constructive work of the Battle of Ideas," they added.

These brigades of social workers are also involved in the diagnosis of potential energy saving of automotive and agricultural transport in more than thirty high consumer companies in the province. / Rubicel Gonzalez


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