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Silvio Rodríguez and other personalities from Cuban culture to begin the second stage of the Expedición project
At the start of the presentation of the artistic group made up, among others, by the troubadour Augusto Blanca, Carlos Ruiz de la Tejera and Ernesto Rancaño, the founder of the New Trova explained the inmates the reasons that motivated the tour and expressed his faith in human progress.

This expedition is taken over again after many years, because you are an indissoluble part of our people and culture must reach everywhere, stated the author of Playa Girón (Girón Beach) and of Pequeña serenata diurna (Small daytime serenade).

Songs such as La maza (The mace), Corazón(Heart), El necio (The fool) and Expedición (Expedition) were heard in the voice of its author, accompanied by Trovarroco, the flute player Niurka González and the quartet Sexto Sentido, in an excess of virtuosity that captivated spectators.

According to the prisoner Luis Esteban Socarrás, cultural promoter from the center, Silvios presence together with the other people constitutes an example of the attempts of the Revolution to turn prisons into schools.

Jaime Sarusky, 2004 National Literature Award, in the name of the Cuban Book Institute donated to the library of the prison around 300 copies of different books.

During that time, visitors appreciated the work done by around twenty artistic units created in the center, which included plastic art, craft work and music.

During the event, Silvio Rodríguez received the replica of the machete of the hero from Sancti Spíritus, Serafín Sánchez, awarded by the Provintial Assembly of the Peoples Power of the region, while the Key of the City of Sancti Spíritus was handed in to Eliades Ochoa and the Coat of Arms of the Yayabo Village was awarded to Carlos Ruiz de la Tejera.

In the performance there were also present Miguel Acebo Cortiñas, member of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party and the First Secretary in the province, Fidel Pérez Luzberth, president of the Government in the region, as well as other leaders of the social and art organizations which were invited to the occasion.

With this performance starts the second stage of the Expedición project in the province of Sancti Spítritus. This second stage started past January 14 in the eastern province of Guantánamo and the first stage ended in Villa Clara.


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