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Cuba Vice President Carlos Lage termed as deeply revolutionary the documents of the 7th Congress of the UNEAC
"I have read at length all documents of this congress, including those from each commission and I have no doubt that they are deeply revolutionary and consequently critical," Lage stated Thursday.

"I have been listening to new ideas, correct concepts and others and I need more time to meditate on them," the Cuban official said in his address to the 400 delegates attending the UNEAC congress, which will end today.

"I take distance from the pessimism of a few people, two or three, and identify with the optimism of the immense majority," Lage noted.

"Double morality, prohibitions, media that does not reflect reality as we want it, unwanted inequality and damaged infrastructure are the wounds of the war, but a war we have won," said the Cuban vice president.

"I am convinced," he stressed, "that the Revolution has more strength now than ever to respond to questions and solve problems, including those that arise from the fruitful and lucid minds of the participants in the UNEAC Congress."

"I feel today, and I say that sincerely, more proud than ever of Cuban writers and artists," he stated.


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