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Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro sent a letter  at the 7th Congress of the UNEAC
In his letter, Fidel says that modern human beings are not less selfish than the Greek of the Plato age. Todays man is submitted to an avalanche of publicity, images and influences like never before. The formula stating that each one must contribute to society according to their capacity and in turn receive according to their work can not be excluded from Socialism. The contribution to society is a proportional part, never equal, of what individuals are able to create. Taxation can not be renounced and can not simply be a proportion. Due to their scope, at times taxes nearly reach the total of what has been created.

Fidel pointed out that direct taxation has wiped out left governments in Nordic and European countries; nothing is that unpleasant, he said. The collection of surplus in cash for exported services, aside from those services freely offered in the international arena by tens of thousands of compatriots, is not only fair but better understandable than the direct collection of a growing part of personal incomes, which is like asking for "your money or your life", with a knife in the chest.

He said that current incentives, which are not only in hard currency, to help purchase products at the market, since there are other kinds of effective incentives in the social, human and familiar fields, do not encourage selfishness or individualism that lead up to negation behind the most diverse masks, in the society that "we want to create."

Referring to the statements made by the head of the Congress organizing committee, Miguel Barnet, the Cuban Revolution leader said that his words constituted a sword thrust against some corrupt people who, in their own personal benefit, take part of that surplus money stemming from exported services.

It would be non-sense to talk about revolutionary consciousness if developed and globalized capitalism did not exist, something foreseen nearly 100 years ago, he pointed out. The conscience of human beings does not create objective conditions, but it is the other way around; only then we can talk about Revolution.

"Beautiful and necessary words bearing ideas are not enough; we need deep meditation," Fidel said.

He said that two days ago an article in the international press read about 30 brilliant inventions, which transformed the world: the CD, the GPS, the DVD, the cell phone, the fax, Internet, microwave, Facebook, digital cameras and e-mail, among others. The amount of dollars involved in the sale of each product gives the transnational corporations such long figures that they have become unintelligible. Or what is worse, each of those products will be replaced with a new and more effective invention; while not even the intimate conversation of a couple at a park bench can be kept in secret.

In this same direction, Fidel asked in his letter: "Does this kind of existence, proposed by Imperialism, make any sense at all? Can mental and physical health be guaranteed under the unknown effects of so many electronic waves, for which neither the human body nor the mind has been prepared in its development?".

"A Congress of Cuban artists and writes can not miss addressing these knotty issues," Fidel said and added that "many will say that this is fatalism. I reply: No, it is not. Fatalism is not puttting forth the problem. If that were the case, I would not use your time to read these lines."

"Climate is changing as a result of mans irresponsible action. The balance has been broken. How to reestablish it is the big challenge ahead," said Fidel Castro.

In his letter, Fidel said that he enjoys witnessing the advance of the Cuban people in different fields, which are goals not reached yet by other countries that launch blockades and threats; they have not even reached achievements in the preservation of the environment, he said.

"They speak of our people like if we were the indigent and like if we were starting from zero, not like a country with the minimum education levels which have not yet been reached by the highly developed nations; excellent health indicators and perhaps too high levels of social security."

"Our opponents make serious mistakes and reveal their inconceivable clumsiness in their fight against objective truth. A short time ago, US companies in the service field, by orders of the US administration, deprived thousands of Swedish citizens from accessing the Website Rebelion on Internet, which posts news on Cuba. They simply cut access to the website, but they are not able to understand that the interest in Rebelion will grow, while the ideological battle between Cuba and the US Empire will intensify."

Finally Fidel Castro stressed that he follows the US Empire and his sinister plans.

Following the reading of Fidels message, the nearly 400 delegates began working closed doors during the presentation and election of candidates for the National Council of the organization and the executives of each association. The result of the vote will be released next Friday in the closing session of the Congress.


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