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Cuban singer Lynn Milanés, daughter of Cuban troubadour Pablo Milanés, will launch her most recent CD in Spain
The disc includes songs: "Que todo fue ayer", "Ancestros" and "Aqui dentro" composed by her colleagues Atanay Castro, Raúl Torres and Federico Llado, respectively.

Also "Nocturna", by Yadan González, and "Como un bolero", by Livan Castellanos.

Milanés's daughter, born in 1970, took her first music studies specializing as a flute player, in the decade of the 90's, she also directed instrumental vocal group "Aries" and began her career as a soloist in 1997.

Lynn, invited to participate in discography projects as "Bolero en pop", "Homenaje a Serrat " and "Disco de Navidad", has accompanied her father in international tours by Europe and America.


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