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Camagüey, Cuba will Host 6th National Immunology Congress on March 27-29.
The eastern Cuban province of Camagüey will be the venue of the 6th National Immunology Congress on March 27-29.

The program of the event includes discussions on topics such as immunotherapy, vaccines and self-immunity, and the presentation of the book ¨Neuro-Immunology¨ by Professor Juan Dorta of the Miguel Enriquez hospital in Havana.

In addition to the creation of the prostate cancer vaccine, called HEBERPROVAC, Camagüey has also had outstanding results in recent years, particularly in the field of transplants. It is also one the few Cuban provinces accredited to train its own residents in immunology.

The congress is dedicated to Professor Manuel Oliva Palomino, an onco-pediatrician of the Eduardo Agramonte provincial hospital in Camagüey who conducted important studies on immunology and vaccination.


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