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So far new services of ophthalmologic assistance have been incorporated such as refractive surgery, laser photocoagulation of the retina, CO2 laser surgery and specialized consultation of the retina, all of them with a staff trained in the National Institute Pando Ferrer.

Furthermore, they count on state-of-the-art diagnosis equipment purchased through the investment process of the Battle of Ideas for a sum that currently surpasses three million dollars.

Around 200 patients are assisted everyday with the possibility of having the diagnostic tests and the solution to all the ophthalmologic conditions.

The centre includes an audio-visual system that allows the patients, while waiting, to watch educative programs, movies, music shows, among other materials.

In addition it will start functioning soon a clinical laboratory, which will make possible a more integral attention to the patient.

During last year the staff made a complete diagnostic study to the penitentiaries of the province in which were assisted and operated all the inmates that needed so.

The centre has been recognized as an outstanding collective in the province, its workers are mainly aimed at research studies. Today they are working in four Science and Technique projects, the professionals are incorporated to masteries to achieve scientific degrees and all the technical staff to university careers.


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