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Delegation of 24 plastic artists from Québec is visiting Cuba and will made the first exhibition of contemporary art.
Sculpture, video, installation, photography and performances are tendencies accepted among the avant-garde artistic community of that country and will be presented to the public at the Fototeca de Cuba and the Centro de Desarrollo de las Artes Visuales.

Brave conceptual and aesthetic proposals that search the limits of arts, in the social and human contradictions and the relationship between the public and the private, will offer a vision of the plastic production of that region.

The hybrid character of societies and the effort to be kept up to date with the artistic avant-gardes of the world are two of the aspects that link them, said in a press conference the artist Richard Martel, organisers of the exchange project Arte de Québec en La Habana (Quebec Art in Havana).

The current exhibition continues the fruitful dialogue between Havana and Québec that started in September 2007 when Cuban artists exhibit their work in that Canadian province.

Nelson Herrera Ysla, coordinator of the Project from the Cuban side, highlighted that at the end of the meeting will be made a small book with the experiences of the exhibition in Cuba.

Arte de Québec en La Habana is sponsored by the Wifredo Lam Centre of Contemporary Art and the National Council of Plastic Arts and will be held in honour of the 400 anniversary of that Canadian city and the French speaking Week in Cuba.


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