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Chile: Honored to be the Special Guest at the 2009 Havana International Book Fair.
Toha told Prensa Latina the announcement was welcomed in Chile, where intellectuals, he claimed, inmediately put to work to meet such expectations.

Acording to the diplomat, cultural exchanges between Chile and Cuba have increased over the last few year, while the historical friendship ties between the two countries have deepened.

"We Chileans are interested in trade and political relationships, but culture is our fundamental engine and we have lately advanced a lot with our Cuban brothers," he said.

He recalled Cuban writers Miguel Barnet and Fina Garcia were awarded important literature awards last year in Chile, where Cuban singers Silvio Rodriguez and Pablo Milanes also performed.

Other Cuban artists recently performing in Pablo Neruda's homeland were Cuban pianist and composer Chucho Valdes, and the National Ballet of Cuba, directed by Alicia Alonso.

"In turn, we have sent interesting expressions of Chilean poetry, literature and music. I can say that such reciprocity has shown the strengthening of the fraternal links between Cuba and Chile," the diplomat concluded.


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