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In Mexico: Casa de las Americas presented the call for the 2009 Literary Award at the International Book.
The institution, based in Cuba, a country that takes part in the FILPM and whose publications reflects the work of the Casa, informed that about twenty Latin American writers will analyse the participating works.

The Prize is arriving to its 49 edition and will be awarded in poetry, story, essay of historic and social topics and Brazilian literature (non fiction books, written in Portuguese and published in that language in 2006 - 2007).

In a press conference, the representative of the Casa added that they will give a prize in the category of Caribbean literature in French or Creole. In this category were presented works published in the period 2004 - 2007.

Writers Carmen Berenguer (Chile), Jorge Boccanera (Argentina), Gustavo Pereira (Venezuela), Juan Manuel Roca (Colombia) and Alex Pausides (Cuba) make the poetry jury.

The story jury is made by Mario Bellatín (Peru-Mexico), Luis Lopez Nieves (Puerto Rico), Humberto Mata (Venezuela), Francisco Proaño (Ecuador) and María Elena Llana (Cuba).

The winner work in the category Historic - Social essay will be determined by Guillermo Castro (Panamá), Ana Ester Ceceña (México), Frank Hinkelammert (Germany-Costa Rica), Jorge Mansilla Torres (Bolivia) and Mayra Espina (Cuba).

While José Luis Jobim, Ricardo Rezende and Livia Reis from Brazil will elect the winner from that country and Roger Toumson (Guadalupe), Françoise Moulin (France) and Rafael Rodriguez (Cuba) will decide the award in French or Creole.


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