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Cuban's International Festival of Documetaries: 27 films in competition from over 10 countries in this edition.
There will be a big screen at the central Aguilera Cultural Square, where will be showed attractive material of this genre, which has in the famous filmmaker it main exponent in Cuba.

In parallel with the competitive event will be showed the documentary Son para un sonero, made by the Cuban filmmaker Lourdes de los Santos, dedicated to the award winner musician Adalberto Álvarez, who left a special musical mark in this city, when he was part of the Son 14 Group.

For the eight of March, the International Women Day, is announced a special presentation dedicated to the fighter of the mountains and of the cities, Vilma Espin, who died last year.

As it is traditional, there will be an exhibition dedicated to Santiago Álvarez. Some of his famous materials are having important anniversaries this year, El Bárbaro del Ritmo and Ciclón (1963), Y el cielo fue tomado por asalto (1973), Los refugiados de la Cueva del Muerto (1983) and ¡Ave Bahía! (1993).

The festival, which has 27 films in competition from over 10 countries in this edition, coincides with the anniversary of the birth date of this figure of the Cuban and world cinema, born the 8th of March 1919.

Founder and director for over 20 years of the Latin American ICAIC news, his work was distinguished for the active presence of journalism, the reflection of historic events, such as the Viet Nam war and the Bay of Pigs invasion with the brilliant use of the editing and of the sound track.


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