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A book dedicated to teenagers and based on their testimonies for Mariela Castro in the 17th International Book Fair.
A book dedicated to teenagers and based on their testimonies "¿Qué nos pasa en la pubertad?" (What Happens to Us During Puberty?) was presented by the author, Mariela Castro, at the 17th International Book Fair in the San Carlos de la Cabaña fortress. Mariela Castro is the Director of the National Sexual Education Center (CENESEX).

The book bears the freshness and joy that characterizes youth. Using a colloquial language, it focuses on a process that could be turbulent and plagued with insecurities.

Concerning the subject, the author told Cubarte:

"It was first launched a few years ago by the Editorial Pueblo y Educación publishing house and now, after making some changes, it has been reissued by the Nuevo Milenio publisher. It is the result of research we conducted on what adolescents themselves -- boys and girls -- think and how they feel about puberty. The study was conducted primarily in Havana and Santiago de Cuba. We gathered a great deal of information and we are even making a 10-episode cartoon series that will be premiered this summer under the title Puberty. The voices in the series belong to adolescent members of La Colmenita. We also took into account their experiences to write the dialogues."

Can we readers expect other titles from you in the future?

"I dont know yet, but at least you can expect some prefaces like the one I wrote to Dr. Jorge Pérez book "Confesiones de un médico" that will be presented at this fair. It is about AIDS in Cuba."

What are you working on right now?

"Im working on a strategy aimed at offering transsexual people comprehensive assistance and to prevent homophobia in our country."


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