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The Book
Those who have read the books ¿Disidentes o Mercenarios? or Ron Bacardí, la guerra oculta, wont be surprised by the new title of Hernando Calvo Ospina, a Colombian who lives in Europe and continues to write books without leaving journalism behind.

His new book, entitled Bush y el equipo estrella de la CIA (Bush and the CIAs dream team) is outstanding in its investigation, which required the author to dig up and tie together loose ends in order to reveal the truth behind events that happened half a century ago, and whose consequence extends until today.

The current situation is another of his works that is also a slam and a revelation. The protagonists of this book, the Bush clan and the terrorist company, are still a threat to the planet.

If in Disidentes... Calvo Ospina disclosed the deceitfulness and traps of the "internal dissidence" paid "from the outside," now he gives new evidence to prove the involvement of Miami mercenaries in the State terrorism unleashed by the United States in Latin America and other places of the world. This, he shows, occurred even before the era of military dictatorships and the vilified Operation Condor initiative, which was only the tip of the iceberg.

Sharing a coffee, Hernando says that one of the objectives with this book has been to show the actions of the Miami terrorist mobs adopted by the CIA and different administrations of the White House have not been a "simple rift between Cuba and the United States."

One of the most interesting statements of his book has to do with the obsessive hostility of the United States towards the Cuban Revolution. According to Ospina, the so-called policy of National Security of the United States and its counter insurgency scheme for the region was redesigned after the defeat in the Bay of Pigs.

"The Cuban Revolution disorganized the security plan that the US had established for the continent. The armies were trained to fight an external enemy, in this case from the Soviet Union, since they were in the middle of the Cold War. When the Cuban Revolution triumphed, they had not even received one bullet from abroad. The US therefore said the problem is within; thats when J.F. Kennedy created the Doctrine of National Security and the 'internal enemy. Then the Latin American armies were forced to change. They were no longer just protected the borders; they were going to fight that enemy. And we saw the dictatorships, "the missing," and the massacres in the 1970s."

"The Cuban Revolution affected the continent in so many ways that it was never the same, on many levels. This was a complete twist."

"After the Bay of Pigs, they had a lot of people ready [an allusion to the terrorist of Cuban origin paid and trained by the CIA]. Thats why they were later present in Congo, Vietnam, etc. These Cubans, who had experience with the mob there, went to Vietnam to learn with the French about drug trafficking. I said to myself: 'These people have been into this since that time? I also realized that Bush (the father, and former vice president and CIA director) 'started at that time. "

The idea of the book was born at the International Meeting against Terrorism for Truth and the Justice, held in Havana in 2005.

"I realized that wherever one searches they will find people involved in Bay of Pigs."

"Then I started to meet people who directed and trained them and were also involved. I said: 'This is a whole team! And I thought, I can dare to say that the CIA put together a whole team after the Bay of Pigs."

President Fidel Castro, who was the main promoter of that meeting and was present at the sessions, invited Ospina to deepen the investigation. That is how he recalled the birth of the book that will be presented at the Havana Book Fair on Friday, February 22.

The next title by Calvo Ospina will be launched on March 13 and will deal with state terrorism in Colombia since the times of Bolivar. It will be presented by Le Monde Diplomatique and will be sold in France, Spain, and Switzerland. It promises to be just as revealing as the previous ones.


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