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"Almendrones", the digital art exhibition of this artist, recreates the reality of his country through the picturesque old cars that still run through the Havana streets.

The exhibition is receiving positive critic since it was opened to the Bolivian public.

The photo reporter, linked to Cuban cultural and singing circles, experiments with the digital art after years working with the main Caribbean workshop of this genre.

Gutiérrez explained that this idea started from a challenge of friends and colleagues and that step by step he started to understand this technique until it completely caught it, says Prensa Latina.

His works "Sentimientos", "Intimidades" or "Saborrrrr" won the attraction of the Bolivian public for its nerve, its conceptual confidence, its seductive polychrome and its effective framing.

During his stay in the Andean country, Gutiérrez will give some workshops about digital art in La Paz.


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