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Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe, known the city of Camagüey, Cuba is celebrating its birthday today
Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe, as it was formerly known the city of Camagüey, is celebrating its 494th birthday today. At midnight, among fireworks, shouting and songs many people in this city celebrated the arrival of this new anniversary.
As part of the celebrations, the most legendary city in the Island is presenting its carnival known as Week of the Culture, which got started yesterday night at the time when Andrés Morales Leal - president of Municipal Assembly of Peoples Power - read "Lectura de Bando".

During the traditional speech that every year is released from the central balcony at Municipal Government House, the functionary spoke about the importance of preserving traditional centers in this city.

Meteorologist Roger Rivero and plastic artist Gabriel Gutiérrez attended the ceremony, and there, they were honored by receiving symbolic scepters that represent the ordinance granted by Fernando VII when he gave the name and the shield for this city.

This kind of festivity was held for the first time here in Camagüey during the 70s, even though the celebrations for the anniversary of the village have been taking place since the 18th century.

At the opening of the event, soloists Idalgiza Salazar and Eneida Sosa sang accompanied by guitarist Rafael (Papito) García, Concert Municipal Band and Folkloric Group Rumbatá, who later were followed by the people until Teatro Principal where they performed in an artistic gala along with other amateur and professional artists.


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